Firefly MCF

Firefly’s revolutionary battery technology was born in the Research and Development laboratories of Caterpillar, Inc., a world-renowned manufacturer of heavy equipment.

They faced a very high failure rate of batteries fitted in their equipment mainly due to extreme climates and prolonged periods of disuse, especially during winters. Their R&D wing, after considerable research, came up with the patented MicrocellTM Carbon Foam technology which is today being used in the batteries manufactured by Firefly.

Firefly’s MCF battery, made using Microcell TM Carbon Foam technology, delivers the best in class performance compared to conventional Lead Acid and premium batteries.

  • More than four times cycle life compared to flooded, gel or AGM batteries at 50% DOD
  • Beats other premium batteries – longer life even under Partial State Of Charge (PSOC)
  • True high performance at a fraction of the cost of “Premium” batteries
  • Lower cost per KWh delivered compared to “Premium” batteries
  • Unmatched Partial State Of Charge (PSOC) operating life
  • Through put efficiency greater than 90%
  • Improved high/low temperature performance
  • Available Battery Energy Management System (BEMS)
  • Instantaneous Power (2 hours and faster run times)
  • Fast recharge capability
  • Recovery to full capacity after off-season storage
  • Excellent cold temperature capacity utilization