Firefly’s Epsilon range of batteries are specially designed  to suit various applications across the industry for Renewable energy, Standby power in UPS and Home UPS, E-Rickshaw, E-bike, Telecom, and Energy Storage systems.

Epsilon range of batteries are made with AGM VRLA, tubular flooded technology in various configuration to withstand the extreme climatic conditions across the country and to meet the high performance criteria in various applications.

Epsilon range of batteries are produced in the state of the art manufacturing facility at Bavla, near Ahmedabad, Gujarat, using advanced technology in technical collaboration of World’s advanced lead acid technology Inventor “ Firefly International Energy – USA”.


Low Maintenance Flooded Tubular batteries designed to withstand frequent and long power cuts. Extra thick tubular plates manufactured using High pressure Casting machine from High Purity, Corrosion-resistant lead alloy, to ensure long cycle life on regular deep cycling and ability to withstand high temperatures. Assembled in PPCP containers with inter cell connections ensuring low internal resistance and optimum performance during discharge.

Available in 12V-90/100/120/135/150ah/180ah

Ideal for Home UPS / Solar / Inverter / UPS applications


Low Maintenance Flooded Tubular batteries designed to withstand robust Renewable applications. Hybrid Alloys for Grids to minimize the gassing and low water loss, Higher Charge acceptance, Barton Oxide – Tubular plates for good cycle life, Capable for Deep Cycling, Factory charged. Positive tubular plates designed using High pressure casting machine, Imported Micro porous PE sleeve of high volume porosity and puncture resistance, encased in High impact resistant PPCP container.

Available in 12V-40ah/75ah/100ah/120ah/150ah/200ah

Ideal for Solar Street lights/Solar Roof top/ UPS


VRLA Sealed Maintenance Free technology, to match the global standards. Completely leak proof, have excellent anti-corrosion properties and gives superlative performance across its designated temperature range of -20 deg C to 50 deg C. Low self discharge, Capable of deep cycling, Excellent charge acceptance and retention, Superior high rate discharge and designed for long life.

Available in 12V-18ah/24ah/26ah/42ah/65ah/75ah/80ah/100ah/150ah/200ah

Ideal for UPS, Office automation, EPABX, Fire Alarm Systems, Telecommunications Systems, Network Operation Systems, Internet Housing systems.


Sealed Maintenance Free VRLA AGM Batteries in 2V monoblock. Design life of 20 years. Made from specialized alloy for best cyclic performance, Grid manufactured with corrosion resistance alloy, Pasting done with specially designed tetra base paste formula to enhance cyclic life, electrolyte filled with additives for improved temperature performance and encased in Polypropylene with ribbed construction for better heat dissipation and better heat sealing strength.

Available in 2V200ah/300ah/400ah/600ah/800ah/1000ah

Ideal for Telecom, Power banks, Large scale solar system, Battery energy storage systems.


E-rickshaw tubular battery, having ICAT approval, designed specially to power the Pollution Free Green Ride in India. Designed for Long life, capable of deep cycling, Lowwself discharge, Excellent charge acceptance, and ready to use – factory charged.

Available in 12V-90ah/100ah/120ah

Ideal for all type of E-Rickshaws and E-loader.


Sealed Maintenance free VRLA battery designed specially for Electric 2-wheeler , which is capable of deep cycling, superior high rate discharge, and supplied in matched sets for long cycle life. With low self discharge and excellent charge acceptance and retention, this battery is designed for long life.

Available in 12V-24ah

Ideal for – Electric 2-wheelers